Dear Racers,

We regret to inform that the Sabah Adventure Challenge (SAC) will not be held over the Easter Weekend in 2017 as tradition has been for more than 15 years. 

With the interest for multi-day adventure racing restricted to a smaller die-hard group, and the tremendous growth in trail running over the past years, we intended to change the SAC format to something more appealing to a larger group. We have, unfortunately, not at this stage been able to obtain the permits required for the intended race course and format. 

Rather than rushing to set up a traditional SAC and overstretching ourselves, we have decided to skip the SAC for 2017 and focus our efforts on the trail runs. 

Our roots as racers and organizers came from multisport and adventure racing, and we do hope that we in the future will be able to return to this stage and continue the proud tradition of the SAC, so stay tuned for future events. 

We have left the 2016 event web site intact for now.

We regret any disappointment caused. 

Best Wishes, 

Borneo Ultra Trails