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Race Course

Outline of race course:

An overview map of the race course is provided below together with altitude profiles for the three distance categories. 

All three races will start and finish at Pekan Kiulu, with the start at 7 am on Sunday, 10th of December, 2017.

The shorter course, designed to be suitable for beginners with no previous experience in trail running, is 9.3 km long with an elevation gain and loss of 300m. The cutoff time of 4 hours is generous to ensure that everyone with a reasonable base fitness can complete this course.

The mid distance course is just over 15 km with 600m elevation gain and loss. It has two significant hills with a combination of dirt roads and trails.

The long course is 30 km with 3 significant hills, allowing even seasoned runners to be challenged and get a good training session in for longer races.

Apart from the start and finish, there are 3 aid stations along the routes with provision of water and potentially fruits/snacks.

Cutoff times have been set to enable us to manage the course. These are generally very generous, but 30k participants do need to keep a steady pace to stay within the cutoff time and finish before dark. An intermediate cut-off time for the 30k course has been set at W2 in addition to the final cutoff time. Cutoff times for the total race distances are tentatively set to:

Short course:       4 hours at Finish Line
Medium course:    6 hours at Finish Line
 Long course:       5 hours at W2, 11 hours at Finish Line

There are several stream crossings along the race course. Under normal weather conditions, this will not be challenging. If it should rain heavily during the night before and/or the morning of the race and the streams should become too risky to cross, competitors will be redirected to an alternative route for part of the course to avoid the stream crossings.