The TMBT 2017 courses are yet to be finalized, but are expected to be fairly similar to the 2016 courses. The 2017 routes are undergoing some optimization with likely changes to the start to reduce congestion and likely changes to the finish of the 30k and 50k courses to avoid the muddy and slippery conditions experienced in the 2016 version. The distances and elevation gains are expected to remain largely the same, and the ITRA points will be maintained.

In the absence of finalized 2017 courses, the 2016 courses are shown as an indication of what to expect. Please note that the cut-off times are likely to be slightly extended to allow the slower but persistent competitors to complete the courses.

100km (2016 course subject to potential changes)


50km (2016 course subject to potential changes)



30km and 12km (2016 courses subject to potential updates)