Transport & Logistics

The start of the TMBT is located in Kg. Lingkubang  (6° 8'53.53"N, 116°26'38.58"E) about 1.5 hours drive northeast of Kota Kinabalu. The finish areas are separate from the start area in three separate locations:

  • Finish 12 km:         Kg. Tambatuan (6° 7'29.43"N, 116°27'9.98"E)
  • Finish 30/50 km:    Pekan Nabalu (6° 1'40.22"N, 116°27'50.27"E)
  • Finish 100 km:       Kundasang (5°58'36.19"N, 116°34'45.47"E) 

The start area is relatively remote with no easy access via public transport and no accommodation except very limited homestay and camping options.  Optional bus transport from Kota Kinabalu to the start line on the morning of the race and from the finish areas back to Kota Kinabalu after the race is offered - see below.


For self-drive to the start, please be aware that except for the 12 km, the finish areas are a significant drive from the start area. For the 12 km race, transport from the finish area back to the start area will be available on the back of pick-up trucks or in minibuses. Transport from the 30, 50 and 100 km finish areas to the start area would be difficult to arrange as there is limited or no public transport options and no or limited taxis available at the finish locations.

For those driving to the start, we encourage car pooling to avoid congestion with parked cars. Parking will be along the main road (Jalan Ranau Bypass), but with a no-parking zone within 100 m of the hanging bridge leading across the river to the start area. No parking is allowed across the river at the start venue or along Jalan Lingkubang leading to the start area.

Optional Transport

Optional transport from Kota Kinabalu (KK) to the start area and from the finish areas back to Kota Kinabalu can be booked and paid for via the Racematix registration platform. The transport needs to be booked and paid for well in advance of the race, preferably together with the registration.

A choice of three pick-up / drop-off locations are available in Kota Kinabalu and must be specified at the time of booking via Racematix:

  1. At Avangio Hotel, Metrotown - the venue for race-pack collection on 31st August.  (5°58'30.84"N, 116° 6'48.22"E)
  2. At "Downtown" located between the Hyatt Hotel and the Burger King at Jalan Segama 2  (5°59'3.39"N, 116° 4'31.84"E)
  3. At Megah D'Aru Hotel in Tanjung Aru (5°57'14.86"N, 116° 3'20.15"E)

Provisional bus departure times are listed below for transport from Kota Kinabalu to the start. These may be adjusted if required to suit any adjustments of the starting times of the different categories. Please be at the designated departure point a minimum of 10 minutes in advance to board the bus. Buses will not wait for late-comers.

Provisional bus departure times from KK to Start, 1st September 2018:

  1. 50 km and 100 km categories:    3:30 a.m.
  2. 12 km and 30 km categories:      5:00 a.m.

The return trips from the finish lines will run through the day. Please be prepared for some waiting time for the buses to fill up. We will use a significant number of 10-seater vans to reduce any waiting times.

Please note that the return buses will not run through the night due to safety concerns and past experience. The last bus to Kota Kinabalu will leave between 11 pm and midnight. All 12k, 30k and 50k competitors should be able to catch the buses back to Kota Kinabalu on Saturday, unless they want to proceed to the Kundasang area to stay overnight and watch the 100 k finish during the next day and/or have a relaxing rest-day in the coolness of the mountain highlands.

Except for people who DNF early and the top runners in the 100 km category, who may be able to catch a bus back to Kota Kinabalu on Saturday night, the majority of the 100 km competitors will either be continuing the race through the night on the course or finish during the night. There is no accommodation provided at the finish line, and for competitors who expect to finish during the night we recommend to book accommodation in advance. There is a range of accommodation options available both at and within a 5 km distance from the finish line. A shuttle bus will be provided for those who book accommodation within a 5 km distance from the finish line.

Other Transport Requirements

Apart from the transport of competitors from Kota Kinabalu to the Start, and from the finish lines back to Kota Kinabalu, we may be able to assist with other transport needs as outlined below if these are booked well in advance of the race. Potential options are outlined below. For details and booking of these, please email: tmbt* (*denotes @) or call the helpline:   + 60 10 933 4800

Transport between Finish Lines

For competitors who have family or friends joining a longer category, and who would like to go to the finish line of the companion rather than directly back to Kota Kinabalu after the race, we offer optional transport from the 12 km finish line to the 30/50 km and 100 km finish line, and from the 30/50 km finish line to the 100 km finish line. For details and booking of these, please email: tmbt* (*denotes @)  or call the helpline:   + 60 10 933 4800

Transport for Supporters

Transport may also be booked for family members and supporters who wish to go to the start and finish to watch the race and support. The transport from KK to the start, and from the finish line back to KK will be on the buses with competitors. 

In addition, transport may be booked to get from the start area to the finish location(s). The transport from the start area to the finish area(s) will be via minibus after the start of the 12 km and 30 km categories.  For details and booking of these, please email: tmbt* (*denotes @) or call the helpline:   + 60 10 933 4800

Transport of 100k Drop-bag, Finisher bags and luggage 

Halfway drop-bags (100 km category) and finisher bags (all categories) must be taken to the start area and deposited at the designated areas for transport to the finish areas by the organizers. For half-way and finisher bags please note:

  • Maximum one bag per competitor.
  • Size and weight should be kept below 25 litres and 10 kg.
  • It is highly recommended to use waterproof bags.
  • Bags must be sufficiently strong and securely closed to withstand handling and transport.
  • Bags must be clearly labeled with bib number and name/telephone number
  • The organizers will transport bags to the finish line, but cannot take responsibility for any damage or loss.
  • Please do not include any valuables in bags.
  • Please make sure bags are deposited in the correct location (there are three finish areas).
  • Bags must be picked up at the finish area after completing the race - please present your bib to collect.
  • The organization will not be held responsible for bags that are not collected.

For the 100 km competitors who will be staying overnight at the Kundasang area, an additional "small" piece of luggage may be dropped for transport to the 100k finish area. The same rules as above apply.